June 15, 2024

35 thoughts on “Why I Focus on Social Media Marketing Over SEO

  1. “74% of social media users use social media to make buying decisions.” – no surprise! Social media has become part and parcel of everyday living. Today’s customers heavily rely on any brand’s social media presence. They check social media for product recommendations and the like. It will be unwise for any brand to fail to maximize the potential of social media to grow their business.

  2. Totally Agree. For small business as well as startups it becomes much more important as social media gives one an opportunity to cash on the organic reach and virality if the content is great and engaging compared to SEO which is a time consuming and an expensive approach.

  3. Great info Neil! I've been doing a deep dive into SEO, and apparently you are the King of it 🙂 Do you think this information applies to both B2B and B2C companies? Thank you!

  4. I'm just starting my marketing career. I was going through your website to have inspiration to build mine. Indeed you are good at what you do. I learned alot.

  5. What happens to your link profile when Twitter goes down over night and all those backlinks and social signals to Google go away? I see very little people talking about the effect this may have on small to midsize publishers.

  6. Nice content as usual! But whether it is you or Arun, from MRWhoIsTheBoss, or probably any NRI for that matter, being born as a Hindu from Indian-origin always mis-pronounce Hindi words including your name. 🙂 Try say NAMASTE in your next video, correctly. 😉

  7. 100% agree with you. SEO is extremely expensive, and it takes ages for them to start giving results. They also have an unfair system (according to my experience)Thank God for Instagram

  8. Neil, you are a master of SEO, but in this video you presented incomplete information

    For most businesses that are run by 2-3 people, it is not possible to work simultaneously and continuously on SEO and social networks.

    You were expected to announce in this video that this explanation is not true for all businesses and it is true for those who have the cost and time to operate on the website and social networks.

    And if they don't have the time and money necessary for all of them and they are going to choose only one, definitely that one is SEO, not social networks.

    Isn't this better?

  9. 🙂Sir in India
    There are lot of businesses out there
    But the owners of those business have no Idea about digital marketing

    That's why I am planning an agency
    To help those type of businesses to go online

    Can you give me some tips :)🙂

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