June 15, 2024

35 thoughts on “SEO is dead, Bard and GPT3 will replace

  1. Sahil , I have a question.
    If a noob level coder can become pro level expert coder in 5 years if he works for 8 hours a day on working day, why can’t AI become expert because he learns 24 hours a day

  2. Hello Sahil sir I have a query, I Will be pursuing PGDM in Marketing…. What's your opinion it's good for the future perspective for upcoming year's I know this question is out of context but can u please answer this, I know it depend upon the person to person was specialisation they choose but I just want to know I am quite confused.

  3. Sir ,i think point of view AI (taking experience of multiple persons and converted into possibilities)will also increase
    But a limited people/ loyal base will hear their teacher's (HI) point of view.

  4. Kya ab copywriting karna bnd kr dein?

    AI aur human copywriting mai kuch fark nhi? mtlb copywriting mai to creativity aur emotions ki zrurat hogi, customised copywriting chahiye hogi business ko to kya human pure tareke se replace ho jayega?

  5. 👆🏻Sahil sir, mujhe bhi Yahi lagta hai ki ai ki vajah se moderate level ke Kam Walo per impact Padega but expert wale uska use kar kar aur Upar jaenge

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