June 25, 2024

36 thoughts on “SEO in 2023: My NEW Strategy for Google Traffic!

  1. My problem is that I am in the financial services business and EVERY WORD that goes on my website is scrutinized under a COMPLIANCE microscope and MUST be approved. For me to write articles for my website on my own, it would take probably weeks just to post one article. I do have access to already-compliant articles, but how do I know how good they are?

  2. Hi Matt. I know you’re course is primarily geared towards affiliate marketing but can I use the content in course for a non profit? We want to build an authority site to serve our community so wasn’t sure if I could use the information in the course as we will not be doing affiliate marketing. Thank you.

  3. I wrote quality content and got my new website ranked high on page 1 on the search results page within a few weeks, so don't dismiss that concept.

  4. Is it possible to display the internal page on the site in the TOP-10 when only the main ones appear in the search results? What are the options for resolving the situation? What can you suggest?

  5. I love coming across these videos that confirm that I'm doing great. This is my exact strategy for the past 4 years and it's working great. I've managed to get DA<10 websites with 0 content and backlinks to 1st page in just a few months for some high-competition keywords because of this.

    Guys, this is the way. You won't get on the 1st page if your content isn't the ABSOLUTE BEST.

    No mediocrity is allowed. This is a good lesson I learned. I used to write a blog post for 4-5 days (including research) even if it was only 3000 words. Trust me, this is the way. Quality > Quantity.

    I like to take Backlinko as an example.

    Brian Dean has less than 100 blog posts on his website (last time I checked, he had around 70), and he's the top ranking mega-authority in SEO for anything SEO-related. I wonder why? 😀

    Kudos Matt! I suppose you've been doing this for quite some time and the fact that you're all in on Quality > Quantity just earned you a new subscriber. Good job.

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