April 16, 2024

30 thoughts on “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Module 3: Mastering Etsy Print on Demand (FULL COURSE)

  1. Thank you so much for all your videos. They are the best and most informative so far that I have seen❤. Question please. As a new shop is it fair to set your profit margin to 65% or should you start with lower prices?

  2. Great Video. I follow all your content. Quick question about the Trademark issue. My husband wants to start a handmade business on Etsy. He makes wooden decorations. He has a great idea to incorporate a Barbie-themed color scheme into his next creation. If he used Barbie Themed Doll House within the title and description, for example, and no other registered trademarks had Barbie with the product of a doll house, then he would be in clear correct? Thanks for your guidance.

  3. Another great video Mandy thank you sm! I am currently doing the homework for module 3 but unfortunately, I'm stuck. In module 1, I chose fitness as one of the profitable niches. After looking further, I found custom sports team name shirts as a bestseller, so now I am adding that as my product for module 3. The problem is that I cannot narrow down the keywords when doing further research about this type of product; they're very broad or unrelated. Maybe I'm missing the point of this exercise but I feel like if I cannot do this I wont be able to progress further in future research endeavors. Any tips?

  4. Love how thorough your course content is. You go over all the little details I think a lot of other people leave out or just don't deliver as well. Thanks so much!

  5. So good and thorough—if you follow Mandy you don’t have to watch any other creators vids—she covers all aspects of POD step by step. Thank you for helping me optimize my shop so quickly!

  6. Thanks for the great explanations, Mandy!

    Further on in the video (39:57) you make a suggestion on keyword strategy with two examples of keyword combinations:

    1. minfulness yoga mat christmas gift for sister
    2. yoga mom shirt birthday gift for mom

    However, in Etsy research, I noticed that many best seller listings feature titles that repeat phrases, such as:

    "Retro Teacher Life Shirt, Teacher Appreciation Tee, Boho Floral Teacher Shirt, Checkered Teacher Shirt, Gift For Teacher, Teacher Sweatshirt."

    Even though every single term of this title, such as "Retro Teacher Life Shirt", is a long-tail keyword by itself on Etsy, wouldn't it be better to delete all duplicates to end up with a title like this:

    "Teacher Life Appreciation Sweatshirt Boho Floral Sweatshirt Checkered Retro Gift Shirt".

    The algorithm could put together almost exactly the same search queries from this title. Or is this strategy not so good because it doesn't mention the words of each long-tail keyword exactly in the order a customer would search for them and as they are stored in the Etsy database (such as "Teacher Life Appreciation Gift", "Boho Floral Sweatshirt", "Checkered Retro Shirt")?

  7. Thank you so much Mandy ❤ I have a Christian PNG design store at Etsy & I haven’t seen much success despite being on Etsy for about 3 years now. Came across your channel 2 days ago & im learning so much from you. Thank you so much 💕🙏💕

  8. Do you have a video tutorial on the batch designing you did in Canva? I know you went through it here, but I need a slow, step-by-step guide. I couldn't quite see all the steps you did. (Thank you for all this content – it is wonderful!)

  9. Hi Mandy, Thank you for all your really helpful content. I have a question please – Once you've come up with your long tail keywords do you use erank or similar to check the search volume before using them? I am worried my long tails might be too obscure so nobody will be searching for them 😂

  10. Mandy you're a gem… Thank you soooooo much… Incredible, valuable content. On point, understandable, no false promises, no bs, pure information from a dedicated professional. Wish you all the very best.. Too far away for a big hug 🤭 Greets from Austria. N.

  11. Enjoying the SEO video so far:) When your mockups became good quality and designs were significantly better than when you first started, how many weeks did you wait and see if you were getting good CTRs?

  12. Mandy, thank you sooooooo much!!! This is the info I've been looking for, and I've been looking at a lot of great YouTube videos on creating a successful Etsy shop. Your videos are absolutely stellar. So smart. Thanks again.

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