April 18, 2024

21 thoughts on “Pinterest Marketing [My Strategy That Gets 10M Monthly Views]

  1. Thank you for this informative video. I have just set up Pinterest business. Can you tell me why I can't see any followers. I know for certain I have a family member started to follow but all showing zero

  2. Welp, followed your advice, set up my business account, populated it with interesting pins. Did all of this yesterday. Just rec'd an email from Pinterest saying my site has been suspended for possible spamming.

    Update: they gave it back. Phew!

  3. Wait I have a question, so I'm looking at your Canva page and looking at mine. I DON"T have the PUBLISH TO PINTEREST BUTTON why is this??? Is it because I need to upgrade to the premium membership?? I don't understand please help! TY!!

  4. Corbin, Thanks for this great content. I have been on Pinterest with just an individual account for about ten yrs. I have a little over 5k followers & a similar amount of monthly views. I have 116 boards covering an array of my personal interests. These boards initially were a way to keep reference sources for me in my work. Can I assume that I should just make this a business account since there is a following already? I now have a Shopify store, plus other selling outlets to sell my artwork. My boards, with the exception of just one, are outside of my current art-selling interests. Please let me know what you think; thanks.

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