July 24, 2024

35 thoughts on “My #1 Marketing Strategy In 2023 (It’s Not SEO)

  1. Honestly Exploding Topics is one of my favorite ones that I open every time. Genuinely interesting read and cool to see what's on the up-and-up.

    Another one of my favorites is Chartr. Similar to ET in that it's the same format every time but its just interesting charts & graphs about macro things happening in the world. Almost always it's a genuinely interesting 5 minute read and can help spark conversations with friends & family too.

  2. I don’t really like newsletters as they come off either spammy or effortless. I subscribe to Pursuit of Wonder (in the philosophy space) because I think the content is interesting. I see the value, and I’ve wanted to start one for fun, I’m just trying to figure out how I can make it manageable to post content once a week without compromising the quality.

  3. Question::: If you make a video version of the newsletter, should you post it on the same channel that you use for top of funnel content or make new channels for each newsletter niche? Thanks in advance

  4. Heard this from other entrepreneurs too, build email list because if you loose all then its possible to retain your audience back. Emails will always be there unlike rest.

  5. What I liked about Backlinko is that it was a lower volume of high-value content. You basically only wrote when you had something really interesting to share. As opposed to many creators on a set schedule who kind of post just to post.

  6. Brian, I know you probably don't give a f*** about this comment, but that's okay.

    What I like about your Backlinko newsletter is that I don't know when it's going to arrive (no regularity) and it's super simple, like a message to a friend.

    But when it arrives, I get a dopamine rush telling me that it's going to be interesting, precisely because there's no regularity and I tell myself that "Ha, he's got something cool to share" and not "Arf, it's the weekly news".

    By the way, I use this technique as an example in my marketing course…

    So I don't know if sending your branded newsletter every week is a good idea.

    Test & learn…

  7. Good to see you back Brian! I’ve been one of those early subscribers to exploding topics newsletter, got really hooked because the trends were lesser known but interesting and let’s be honest, who doesn’t like staying ahead of the curve? especially in SEO.

    That said, I don’t know where it’s been buried, can’t recollect seeing one for a while, didn’t even know you had 3 products.

    My fav newsletter today is Tl;dr

  8. Hi Dean I recently completed my digital marketing course online learning i recently saw your channel can u plz suggest me about career growth and as a fresher where can I start my job oriented training plz rply me tq

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