July 15, 2024

6 thoughts on “Mastering Topic Clusters for Search Engine Optimization: Boost Your SEO Rankings

  1. I am loving your content. Similar question to Kenneth's but only focused on pillar pages and clusters. Is it better to include any important keyword in the cluster, independently of volume and competition, or only build the cluster with low competition keywords, even if it leaves out certain key aspects of that topic?

  2. My Agency said Google Keyword Planner is for SEM Ad, not for SEO, he said it is not accurate and not a good reference for it. What should be the counter argument?

    He said it takes a lot of experience and common sense to plan out those keywords instead

  3. Great content! Question – for a new site trying to build a topical authority, do you suggest starting on pillar articles on topics that should include for the topical authority? Or do you suggest going after low competition keywords using keyword research? What I am struggle to understand is that if i should just write on articles for topical authority (regardless the keyword volume and completion level) or do i focus on low hanging fruit keywords. Would love to hear you opinions.

    Thanks for the great content again.

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