March 1, 2024

45 thoughts on “GOOGLE MY BUSINESS SEO 2022 – The Fastest Way to Rank N#1 on Google Maps

  1. We live in South Africa and verifying businesses on Google is lost impossible as the post card verification system is the only option we are given .. Impossible in a country such as South Africa where our postal system has been decimated by bad management to the extent where there is no longer a physical postal system .. So we are unable to get listed on Google as we cannot verify our businesses .. There are Google business partners who say they can do nit but they want you to use their website development and want to tie you down to paying them a fixed monthly fee in exchange for the service to put you on Google . How else can one get verified and listed ?

  2. I wish you has talked more about Proximity. It is SO important that it outweighs just about every other factor you spoke about. Can you do a video that addresses how to work around the proximity limitations?

  3. I always like your videos Luc and your advice is once again sound BUT… Google isn't playing by its own rules.

    I have several clients that have FULLY optimised listings along with good websites and plenty of reviews yet they are outranked on GBP by listings that have no photos, reviews etc and one listing doesn't even have any content at all ( it is a remote installation center for the parent company that is over 200 miles away.)
    There is also the major discrepancy between GBP listing positions on mobile v desktop for the same business. I have a new client I have ranked in number one position for 35 keywords on mobile within 4 weeks yet only 5 show the same position on GBP on desktop.
    I have found that regardless of what you do, there will always be some anomalies when it comes to ranking sites with standard SEO or GBP.

    I am seriously considering leaving the SEO space and concentrating purely on paid ads, landing pages and websites.

    Just to add in my thoughts on software – I use Semrush but am not happy. What an overpriced piece of ** it is. It is inaccurate to the point where yesterday I received a position change report for a keyword. Nothing unusual about that except there were two instances in the same email of the same keyword. Apparantly it had dropped 67 places and risen 34 places at the same time while the volume for one showed N/A and the other showed a search volume of 2400 – for the same keyword. Along with this I regularly check keyword positions individually and find multiple cases where the position report is miles off.

    My main reason for using it was for the keyword research and the reporting but if I stay in SEO I will be moving to Bright Local or something similar along with different keyword research tools as I only serve local service businesses. Even multiple software subscriptions will save me a fortune on the Semrush price and after a trial of a couple of others I am sure I can perform my local SEO services just as well, if not better.

    Well rant over, keep up the good work.

  4. Luc – quick question… Do you have a video or can lead me in the right direction on a business profile question. I notice for some of my competitors profiles, they have a line in their profile that says "Provides: Car and Home Insurance" as an example. How do I get that "provides" line on my profile?? For reference, I have The Farnsworth Family Agency in Summerville, SC. Thx!!

  5. I have been following you for so long. Your videos helped me a lot to improve my local listing but one thing I found particular in your videos is you always talk about gmb everywhere extension isn't there any other extension that we can use as a replacement for gmb everywhere

  6. How do you rank higher on maps if you cannot add keywords of the service you do or the location name of your area into an already established business name? If we have more reviews and a higher average than all other competitors but have no keyword or location in our name seems to stop us from reaching the top three. Any advice, please…thanks

  7. Luke, thanks for another helpful video. I would like to ask you (as a professional) one question that has been bothering me for a long time.

    I have a business and a primary service.

    And I'm ranked number one on Google 3 Pack in my city for my primary keyword.

    In Google local organic I rank 9th for the same primary keyword.

    Main question. Does it make sense to work and make an effort to promote the site in Google Local Organic if I'm ranked number one in Google 3 Pack?

    I understand that it will not make it worse, but how much of the result will justify the effort. How many percent of clicks are on Local organic search if there are 4 ads at the very top, then 3 local 3 pack results?

  8. Can you do a more in depth video on how to use GMB everywhere? Seems like a great toll.

    Also, what do you think of services like Yext or other listing services?

  9. Yet another great video, Luc. You're absolutely spot on with all your suggestions. I must say, if you're looking to rank your local business on Google My Business in 2022, the information you provide will get you there. Great job and thanks again for all the hard work you do in this community.

  10. Great video but Unfortunately, business complain form doesn't work in every country. I live in istanbul, turkey. I work for a law firm, but the names of all the businesses on the first page of the list are full of keywords.
    I submitted forms many times, but Google threw my business down in list. Isn't it like a joke? so now i stuffed it with keywords and my ranking has improved.

  11. Can I book a 30 minute session with you instead of 1 hour? I have my Google business profile fully equipped with all your tips. Would like to do a quick once over

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