July 22, 2024

20 thoughts on “Google Generative AI Threatens Trillion Dollar Industry! [Ai News]

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  2. Back in the day, when we had giant yellow pages, white pages and used rotary phones, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) broke up AT&T for being a communications momopoly. Today, digital communication is totally monopolized. Go figure.

  3. This was perhaps one of the most "negative" posts you've made- about AI/search (in terms of not answering with a positive response to it right away) and I think with a purpose to garner attention to a real problem. I suspect your observations are just beginning and will maintain focus on determining niches that match consumer sentiment while avoiding the giant portals of competition whatever they turn out to be. Google will not stop trying to dominate eyeballs and take in all the cash they can on their own platform but I suspect there will always be opportunities for those who take time to figure out the overflow of smaller niches.

  4. I'm sure you have seen several chances in the last 20 plus years and you are still working it, which is why your programs – courses continue to chance to stay up with the latest trends etc. My question to the future is if AI can provide the answers directly to many of the Questions people have. We have to become even better marketers to stay in front of our future customers.

  5. Great observation! Coffee mug😅 I could see FCC involvement on this due to Googles' dominant position in information distribution across the net. My issue is the cabal between Govt & certain businesses (I'll leave it at that) Speaking of fat phone books Remember the breakup of ma bell due to it's monopoly status?

  6. Quick question, how is this video editing and being in sync seem to happen? Marcus just shoot straight man, do you have just a camera man or many camera men women who also do the editing? I’m point, your videos are snazzy and I need to know how many people I should hire to do it in my industry???

  7. Well said Marcus. I was explaining this exactly to a friend yesterday. AI is overloading the SUPPLY of content on the internet. Excess supply equals lower cost for content. i.e. Why buy stock images when I can create all I want in Midjourney?

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