June 5, 2023

39 thoughts on “Google Ads Tutorial (Made In 2022 for 2022) – Step-By-Step for Beginners

  1. Hi Ivan Thanks for making such a Wonderful video I want to ask for example if i am running a campaign for a business by targeting in different countries more than 20 countries which i have to what time i should keep ? It is preferred to keep 24hrs or all day?

  2. "They want you to add more Headlines, which is something I don't suggest".
    Okay, but the problem is there's something called "Ad Rank". So we pretty much have to do what Google wants us to do, to get a Good or Excellent ad Strength…

  3. Lovely video I have a question
    When I run search ads and enable extension Google only shows my ads among google busines profile listing and not as a normal Google search ads anymore

  4. Thank you for sharing and being so transparent. For someone like myself who is doing pretty well on Youtube and looking to take it further this is VERY motivating. To know that possibly in the next couple of years depending on how I run my business I could be possibly pulling numbers like this is just mind-blowing.Daily web Earn help keep me on the grind. Happy New Year!!

  5. great ideas to find a good economic solution when we are not in a stable situation is daily web earn

    Wow daily web earn is really Amazing, I really love this and thank you so much for sharing this very helpful info

  6. I really enjoyed the video and found it informative – one question is other then driving them to a web page how does and agency make money off of running ad words for a client

  7. I Ivan, do you have videos that uses Google Ads, Display Ads and Youtube Ads for affililate links, like Clickbank, Digitstore 24, Warriorplus etc. And doing them the right way. I tried so many times but my ads just keeps getting dissaproved by Google when I try to advertise products from those sites, really annoying haha.

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