May 19, 2024

36 thoughts on “ChatGPT for SEO: Best (and Worst) Use Cases

  1. One of the best uses is to revise grammar and punctuation in a text you wrote yourself. Chat GPT can structure your text accurately and make your text look way better as long as you are clear enough

  2. Here’s how it works – write human generated content for a company called google which uses a computer algorithm to rank a human perspective as a personality gauge to rank content. Then we are penalized for using support Ai that has a relative IQ that’s on average 15x smarter than an average google content writer who wants to rank. The real issue is ultimately hypocritical on every scale for those in the google offices using their own AI to dismiss AI as not worthy of ranking when it’s sources (internet) are identical.

  3. YES!! I use GPT for titles because I seriously stink at them. I also use it for coding and blog outlines! The only thing is, don't ask it if there's anything the outline is missing to make it more complete. It will ALWAYS find something, and my blogs are dense enough.😂

  4. Happy to see discussion regarding ChatGPT in SEO and it's actual benefits. To add my own two cents, I have noticed that "re-writing" existing content can be hugely beneficial for informational content on websites. It can create more unique phrases and help someone rank for other search terms.

  5. Will this #ChatGPT prompt replace your content editor?
    PROMPT: "Act as a seasoned editor for [Content:] geared towards [Target Audience:]. Imagine that you have been hired to review and improve the content to make it more engaging and relevant to the target audience. What are some specific ways you would suggest improving the content to better align with the target audience?

    Please provide a concise bullet point list of your suggestions for improving the content to better engage and resonate with the target audience. Additionally, please provide a new version of the content that incorporates your suggested changes."

  6. as a Prompt Engineer – your prompts have no variables, no assertions, no personality criteria – add that and you'll get expertise and tone you're looking for

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