March 1, 2024

28 thoughts on “10x Your SEO Traffic Using AI in 2023

  1. Hey thank for the video , what do you think about SuregGraph it is also Ai based content writing and keywords research tools , have you tried it ?

  2. What, no more how to make $10k a day videos? Is it because you’re a fraud and your site traffic got blasted for buying poor quality links? Guess we’re on to the newest clickbait trend that won’t work.

  3. bruh. How can you be ok with publishing something that took hardly any work to do? You're giving people articles that you didn't even write. Wtf. Laziness 101. Just interested in the money, and not giving people quality content. smh

  4. Cranking out the content. Up to a few millions by now. Wow. Still working on a name. O,ooo. I saved all your vids. Just looking at it. Started in 2019. When u launched your. Site. Jobs, laptops issues. Failure drinking. looking at your blog info from link. Monday and shit crashes. Ahhhhh. Obstacle over and over and over. I loyal to you Frank " Tony Montana".lol. 😅

  5. How do you feel about people who copy and paste articles from chatGPT? I know people who fact check,spell check and structure it better but largely use all the AI content. What’s the pros and cons do something like that?

  6. Nice authority on the the topic of site authority! AI used correctly & efficiently has redefined the Affiliate Marketing space at zero gravity speed🚀 Blogs/Sites must up their game 20x literally overnight.

  7. Adam, I've tested Content at Scale, but I have recently found Zimmwriter and SurgeGraph. I found the output and overall quality to be much better.

    Also, what tools do you use to create an actual Topical Map? Is it all manual where you get the keywords from Ahrefs and put it in a spreadsheet.

  8. "Content at scale", just sing up. It's perfect if you already pay a writer full time or freelanced. 8 articles/ months for a minimum of $250/ months, advisable to step up productivity if the blog earns the reinvestment.

  9. QUESTION: Do you have more than one blog. I would think it would be a good idea to have more than one blog so you can make more money. Thoughts? Thanks Adam

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