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What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Video Creators



What Wikipedia Can't Tell You About Video Creators

You either love or you hate Wikipedia. For many people, it’s just so easy to use as a starting point for any research or question you’re trying to answer. Nevertheless, it doesn’t know everything. In fact, you won’t find any information when you search for ‘video creator’. Even searching for ‘Promo Editor’ doesn’t give you any results even though editing promotional videos online is now a common need these days. So, check out that link if you want to discover one of the easiest editor tools to use when you make a video.

What Wikipedia Doesn’t Say About a Video Creator

Let’s now explore what you need to know about an online video maker, as detailed below:

  • The best video maker
  • Available software
  • How to use a video creator
  • Maximizing a Video Editor

The Best Video Maker

Depending on your needs, you’ll want to know the best online video editor for when you make a video. Perhaps you’re creating some marketing content for your business or simply making a family video? Whatever it is, you can get started by listing some key attributes you need.

For example, do you value price versus functionality when you make videos? Alternatively, perhaps you’re more interested in having a large library of templates to choose from rather than doing some heavy customization? Some online video maker tools combine most of these things for you so then you need to choose based on the price versus package on offer.

You might not be interested in the details of the software you’re using when you make a video. Actually, most of us just want something professional and of high-quality without having to think about what’s going on behind the scenes. Having said that, it might be interesting to know that there’s clearly a difference between Windows, Mac, and Android applications.

The main differences are between the look and feel of the interfaces as well as the number of effects you can add. For example, Blender was originally designed for 3D animation and so has lots of fun effects that are probably more geared towards advanced editors. On the flip side, you can check out Avidemux with its simple interface and friendly editor tools designed for beginners.

How to Use a Video Creator

One of your burning questions might be how easy are we talking? Well, it really is as easy as doing a few simple clicks to use an online video maker. You basically open your video maker, choose a video template, and drag and drop any video content you have. Of course, you don’t have to include your own content. Either way, you can then open the editor settings and choose the options you want to use. These include transitions, color, and animations, for example.

Maximizing a Video Editor

How can you best use your video editor? Some might say that you should maximize all the functions available to you. However, it’s really about making it work for you. If you want something that’s easy to use then keep it simple and don’t add too many effects.

Whatever you choose though, make sure you have a fast computer that can keep up. There’s also a great rule in the video editing world that might come in handy. Following the 321 Rule means keeping 3 copies of everything in at least 2 different places, including one physically separate location.

Some of the Most Commonly Used Video Maker Tools

There are many options of tools available but here are some of the names that consistently come up:

Promo is one of the easiest online video maker tools that specializes in marketing content. With over 3000 video templates and music to choose from, it guarantees to support your business with top-notch marketing videos. Furthermore, it’s one of the few platforms that offer exceptional customer service and guidance on distribution, including social media.


This brand comes up time and time again either for its Spark option or the Premiere Pro-Cut. It’s accessible to professionals and beginners alike and has great storing capabilities with its cloud structure.


Another video editing example with lots of features although it’s not available on Linux. Its interface is generally very accessible even though it also includes more advanced features. You can therefore learn as you go along. They also offer a large library of music for you to add to your videos.

Final Thoughts on Working with A Video Creator

It’s worth doing a bit of research to find the right video creator for you. Although, try not to overthink it. If this is your first video then start simple and build up from there. Remember that trial and error is a great approach especially with most of these tools available for free. So, plan out what you need and have fun with it and you’ll soon be able to download your video and proudly distribute it on social media.

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Best Social Media Content Moderation Strategies



Best Social Media Content Moderation Strategies

Social media has changed the way businesses operate. From creating an entirely different platform for new marketing efforts and changing how brands relate to their customers. We can all agree that social media is a very integral part of many businesses.

But, just as social media serves as an asset for your business, it could also become a liability if not handled properly. We have all seen certain brands put out content that harmed their image, and caused irreparable damages. This could happen to any business if they don’t moderate their content. This is where a social media moderator comes in.

What is a social media moderator?

A social media moderator is someone hired by a company to review, screen, and filter all social media content related to their business. By doing this, a business can ensure that its content is:

  • Appropriate
  • Aligned with its branding and
  • Helping them achieve their overall business goals.

In this article, we will cover some of the best social media content moderation strategies and how you can implement them in your overall social media marketing strategy.

Content moderation strategies for social media.

Having solid strategies set in place for your social media content moderation is extremely necessary. These strategies will ensure that you implement your content moderation following established guidelines. Hence, eliminating room for error.

Here are some of the best social media content moderation strategies you can incorporate into your social media strategy.

1)Establish a standard social media policy.

Setting standard rules are essential because they ensure everyone on your content team knows what’s allowed and what’s not allowed. When creating your social media content policy, ensure it includes:

  • The inappropriate content your company disallows. Inappropriate content should entail; bullying, brand bashing, sexually suggestive content, offensive photos, and videos, etc.
  • Rules on posting spam content. Spamming your audience on social media can diminish your brand’s credibility. It can also devalue your content. Additionally, it can make your social media pages look messy and unattractive. Stay away from spam content.
  • How your company addresses sensitive topics like race and gender.
  • The method you apply to handle negative comments and reviews on your page or about your brand.
  • How you deal with content created from influencer marketing, etc.

2) Designate who can submit social media content.

We all know that there are a plethora of ways brands get and create their content. We also know that a high engagement on social media could equal high reach. And if all things were equal, we could trust all content sources without questions and allow everyone to tag and comment on our page. That’s why the best writing companies make sure they use trusted sources.Therefore, as a brand, you can never be too careful.

So, set limitations on:

  • Who can submit content to your brand.
  • Who can comment on your page & tag you on their content. Most social media platforms have settings to accept, limit, or decline things like brand tagging and commenting.
  • Where/whose social media content you share. It is best to share or feature content from only people who have accounts with your business.

By doing this, you prevent trolls and fraudsters from taking advantage of your brand.

3) Determine a Content Strategy

Creating a content strategy is essential to your content moderation. It helps you ensure that you are creating content that fits your overall brand/social media marketing goals. Your content moderation strategy should include:

  • Where you share your content.
  • How you use the content that you create.
  • How you want your content to look. This should include your color schemes, style guide, taglines, hashtags, if you want to add logos or not, etc.
  • The type of content you want to upload.

Your brand messaging must be consistent throughout your social media channels, so a content moderation strategy will help.

4) Create a standard submission process.

While we expect your business to create content regularly, there are also a few other contents generating methods you could implore. Some type of social media contents include:

  • User-generated content.
  • Customer reviews.
  • Contests and giveaways.
  • Affiliate promotions, etc.

Consumers love reading user-generated content and top writing reviews. However, whatever way you get your content, you need to have a standard submission process.

The three most common submission processes you can use in your business are:

  • Pre-moderation: In this moderation method, your moderation team reviews and approves content pre-posting. The team has to approve submitted content before they post it.
  • Post-moderation: In this moderation method, the moderation team posts submitted content, and monitors/reviews them regularly to see how they perform.
  • Reactive moderation: With reactive moderation, content is submitted in real-time, and only reviewed if the content is flagged.

Ensure that you include all the information content submitters need to know. So, make available information on:

  • Where you intend to use the submitted content
  • User permission and rights agreements.
  • Content submission deadlines, rules, etc.

5) Monitor your content regularly.

Finally, it is essential to monitor your social media content regularly. This helps ensure that you aren’t missing out on anything that could harm your brand.

You can monitor your content manually, automatically, or a combination of the two. Tools like help you track social media content related to your brand.

In conclusion

Any serious business knows content moderation is vital. It attracts the kind of customers you need and also helps keep existing customers. Other advantages include understanding your users, increasing traffic and protecting the image of your brand.

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Top SEO Trends Every Marketer Needs to Know in 2021



Top SEO Trends Every Marketer Needs to Know in 2021

Search engine optimization can help companies significantly increase their online visibility and sales. What’s great about SEO is that you can learn how to do it yourself online and it won’t cost you a penny. However, it does take a lot of time to master search engine optimization. One of the most challenging thing about learning SEO is that it’s constantly evolving.

You always have to become familiar with new trends to retain or improve your rankings. Here are some of the most important trends that should play a role in your 2021 SEO strategy.

Follow the EAT Principle

The EAT framework was introduced by Google several years ago, but it’s now more important than ever to follow it because a huge amount of your traffic may depend on it. The EAT framework was conceived with the idea to provide Google users with better search results. It’s based on three different factors – expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

The main purpose of this framework is to give ranking advantages to websites with quality content. The first EAT factor is expertise, which you’re required to display in your content. Essentially, you have to display knowledge that’s at the same level or higher than your competitors to outrank them.

Being an expert in a certain field will allow you to craft useful content, but that’s only one piece of the puzzle. You also have to display authoritativeness. To do this, you have to secure links from authoritative websites and pages relevant to your industry. Even if your business gets mentioned on another site, it can positively impact your rankings.

Finally, trustworthiness is another major factor imperative in SEO strategies in 2021. Let’s say that you have a paper writing service that you want to promote online. It will be hard for you to attract new customers if your website isn’t trustworthy. Some of the ways you can display trust include providing users with an easy way to contact you, associating your web page with a physical location of your business, having a privacy policy, and switching your domain from HTTP to HTTPS.

Local SEO

With more businesses with an online presence than ever before, local SEO has become fundamental for reaching customers in your area. This is crucial for every business owner that has a company with a physical location. Although you should definitely optimize content, headers, meta descriptions, and tags to target local audiences, your main focus for a good local SEO strategy should be to create a Google My Business (GMB) listing.

When Google provides users with local results, their algorithm looks for companies with complete and accurate information. If you set up a Google My Business listing for your firm, you’ll be favored for local searches. Some of the most basic information you need to add to your GMB page includes your business address, opening hours, phone number, website address, and category.

It’s always a good idea to add numerous photos that clearly display your business, as well as the goods you provide. Encourage your customers to write reviews about your business on Google, as this plays a huge role in rankings. You can also build trust with consumers if you regularly respond to reviews that you get on your GMB page.

Voice Search

Alexa, Siri, and Cortana have become insanely popular ever since virtual assistants were first introduced. They allowed users to search for information online more easily, which heavily impacted common search queries. While most people usually only enter a few keywords in their queries when they’re typing, voice search is more about posing complete questions.

What this tells you about user behavior online is that many people are looking for an answer to a specific question. You can improve your Google rankings by including FAQ sections on various pages on your website. Research what are some of the most common questions consumers in your industry have and write useful answers.

Long-Tail Keywords

You can greatly increase your conversion rate if you optimize your content for long and specific keyword phrases called long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are somewhat associated with voice search, but many consumers type them when they’re close to a point of purchase.

What’s great about these types of keyword phrases is that there’s less competition for them, which means you have a better chance of grabbing the first spot on search results pages. Although it won’t provide you with a substantial increase in traffic, optimizing for long-tail keywords will effectively help you turn visitors into leads. While your main objective with this approach should be to rank for long phrases, it also helps you achieve rankings for short keywords.


Every business owner should update their SEO strategy often. As technology evolves, so does user behavior on the internet. It’s common for strategies that yield good results to become significantly less effective after a few months. That’s why you should always stay up to date on the newest SEO trends.

Author’s Bio:

Charlie Svensson is a freelance writer and digital marketing specialist. Apart from writing articles for various online magazines and blogs, Charlie also likes to help college students with their essays. He currently works at, offering his services to countless students in English speaking countries across the globe.

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4 Science-Backed Tools To Improve Your Performance On The Job



4 Science-Backed Tools To Improve Your Performance On The Job

There are dozens of tools out there that claim to boost performance on the job. But do they really work? How to choose the one tool that will take the working process to the next level?

Today, we will talk about science-backed tools that are worth using. We will discuss the most common performance-related issues and explain how advanced technology can address them.

Anti-distraction tools

Can you call yourself a “media multitasker”? Are you capable of writing a monthly report and replying to incoming emails at the same time? We have bad news for you. Your “multitasking ability” negatively affects your performance.

You get distracted more often than your co-workers, who tend to perform one task at a time. And what about the quality of your work? It’s likely lower than it could be.

The truth is that the processing capacity of the human brain is limited. Trying to perform a few tasks simultaneously, you just waste your potential.

Well, you probably have heard lots of stories about highly effective people who can perform a few tasks simultaneously. Social scientists believe that these people do not multitask – they have the ability to quickly switch their attention from one task to another and fully concentrate on one specific task.

Do you want to improve your performance instantly? Say “no” to media multitasking. Use tools like FocusMe and Freedom to block access to social media platforms and other sites that distract you. It will allow you to boost your concentration so that you will be able to deliver better results.

Proofreading tools

Every day you write dozens of emails, reports, and other documents. And whatever your writing skills level is, you need to proofread all the texts you create. Typos are inevitable, and you should do your best to catch and correct them.

But there is a problem. Our brain works in a way that makes it difficult for us to spot our own mistakes. The human brain constantly uses previous experiences to interpret new ones, and that’s called generalization. Unconsciously we build mental maps compiling the sights, smells, and sounds to free up our brain to think about more important things.

To put it simply, our brain is operating on instinct, and sometimes it works against us. When you’re trying to proofread your own writing, you become blind to details. Since your text already looks familiar to your brain, you can’t spot a misspelled word.

If you want to improve your texts’ quality, you should trick your brain into pretending that you’re reading your writing for the first time. You can try to change the font style or background color to change the way your text looks.

Or, you can use proofreading tools to ease your work. Check out best essay writing services, and grammar checkers like Grammarly. It will be wise of you to opt for automatic proofreading to save your time and boost your performance.

To-do list tools

Do you write to-do lists? No? It’s time to fix it. Find a to-do list tool that works for you and start using it on a daily basis.

Here is what scientists say about the benefits of using to-do lists.

The first benefit is all about eliminating intrusive thoughts. Once you add a specific task to your to-do list, the idea related to this task stops circulating in your mind and distracting you from work.

Let’s say you need to buy food for your cat and book a table for your anniversary. If you do not write down these two tasks, they will come to your mind repeatedly. You will be unable to concentrate on the job that needs to be done.

But if you add these two tasks to your to-do list, the magic will happen – you will free up your mind and fully focus on your current job.

Another benefit of to-do lists tools is that they allow you to prioritize your tasks and make a plan for a day. Using such tools, you can manage your time more effectively and improve your job performance.

There are lots of to-do list tools and apps out there. You can use Todoist, TickTick, Remember The Milk, or any other tool that appeals to you.

Pomodoro timers

We can’t stay focused on one task for too long because that results in cognitive boredom. Our brain needs breaks. We need to have some time to rest and unwind during the workday to perform at our best.

In other words, the effectiveness of your work decreases when you concentrate on one task for a few hours in a row.

Let’s say you need to write a monthly marketing report. It will take you around four hours to complete the task. In the first 25 minutes, your concentration levels and your performance will be the highest.

But with every next half an hour, your performance will be lowering. You will start getting tired and experiencing boredom. As a result, you will write fewer pages per hour, make more typos and other mistakes.

What can you do to keep your productivity at the highest level? One of the easiest ways is to try out the Pomodoro technique with the use of tools like Pomofocus or TomatoTimer. Here is what you should do:

  • Choose one task you want to complete
  • Set the timer to 25 minutes and work without distractions until the timer rings
  • Take a five-minute break – do something that helps you unwind, like watching a funny cat video on YouTube or calling your friend.
  • Take longer breaks (15 to 30 minutes) for every four work intervals.

Pomodoro timer apps will help you stick to a well-optimized work-and-rest schedule and boost your performance. You will start using your time more wisely and get more tasks done within fewer hours.

Wrapping up

Use new technologies to your advantage to excel in your career. Be open to innovations, and choose science-backed tools that work for you.

Leverage grammar checkers, timers, to-do list tools, and anti-distraction apps – and you will accomplish your goals.

Author Bio:

Nicole Garrison is an experienced blogger and freelance writer. She has a passion for writing about digital marketing and teaching her readers how to improve their online presence. She currently works as a writer at best cheap essay writing service. She also loves photography and travel blogging.

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