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Why Focusing On Google Is Like My High School Relationship



Why Focusing On Google Is Like My High School Relationship

Once upon a time, my life revolved around my high-school boyfriend.

Looking back, I want to hug insecure and super-needy Heather. I was so focused on if my boyfriend liked my hot spiral perm or my tubular neon pants, I didn’t focus on what worked for me.

I unknowingly cut myself off from so many options because I was so laser-focused on grabbing another person’s attention.

I tell this story because the latest Google news is giving me some 1980s-level high-school flashbacks.

Here’s the thing…

I know getting in Google’s good graces is like landing the hot person in high school. It’s tempting to do anything you can to get noticed and “beat out your competition.”

And once you DO have their attention — well, you do everything you can to keep yourself number one. 

Often, this means casting aside the real priority (what works for YOUR site and YOUR readers) — and instead focusing on the ever-changing whims of a mercurial partner.

It’s exhausting. And long-term, it doesn’t work. And it cuts you off from other options that could help your site traffic grow.

I’m not saying you can’t have a healthy Google relationship. On the contrary, you can have it all — great Google positions and a well-rounded marketing campaign that includes email, social, and PR.

But that means you can’t exclusively focus on Google’s whims at the expense of your readers.

For instance:

You don’t need to worry about fake ranking factors (including deleting a blog’s publication date to make it look like new content.)

You don’t need to shove a bunch of keywords in your URLs.

You don’t need to delete older articles because they’ll “hurt your SEO.”

You don’t need to follow a funky Title formula “for Google.”

In fact, Google representatives have stated site owners should create high-quality content that gives readers good information. Not follow some sort of weird formula or “updated hack for 2021.”

If you find yourself racking your brain for the next Google hack, why not try something different that your readers will love (and may even boost your conversions).

Some ideas are:

  • You could comb through your existing email nurture series and see how you could make it better. Or, if you don’t have an email nurture series, this is a great time to create one!
  • You could review your sales landing pages and see how you could squeeze out a conversion rate boost.
  • You could write thought-leadership content that you could repurpose (and yes, get Google rankings.) But more importantly, the content would position your company as a leading resource — and provide tremendous value.
  • You could finally go all-in on ONE social platform rather than splitting your efforts and doing a haphazard job.

The point is, there’s always something you can do that has nothing to do with Google — and still has everything to do with your readers (and your bottom-line.)

You just have to remember that there are other marketing tactic fish in the sea.

(And no, I’m not posting a photo of my old-school spiral perm. That photo is locked away in a very special folder, far away from my other images.)

What do you think?

Are you way too into Google? Maybe it’s time for you to see other marketing platforms. Leave a comment and let me know.

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Google Says Keywords In Domain Names Are Overrated



Google Says Keywords In Domain Names Are Overrated

Google’s John Mueller said once again that “keywords in domain names are overrated.” He and Googlers over time have said this numerous times over the years and he said it again. Instead he said “pick something for your business, pick something for the long term.”

If you want, I can license variations of Rusty[words-go-here], if you need an excellent domain. Like RustySEO, RustyDesign, RustyFood – you know it makes for a good name. ;-P

Here is John’s tweet on this:

A bit more from this conversation on Twitter:

Here is some of our older, previous coverage of this topic:

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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Googlebot Crawls & Indexes First 15 MB HTML Content



Googlebot Crawls & Indexes First 15 MB HTML Content

In an update to Googlebot’s help document, Google quietly announced it will crawl the first 15 MB of a webpage. Anything after this cutoff will not be included in rankings calculations.

Google specifies in the help document:

“Any resources referenced in the HTML such as images, videos, CSS and JavaScript are fetched separately. After the first 15 MB of the file, Googlebot stops crawling and only considers the first 15 MB of the file for indexing. The file size limit is applied on the uncompressed data.”

This left some in the SEO community wondering if this meant Googlebot would completely disregard text that fell below images at the cutoff in HTML files.

“It’s specific to the HTML file itself, like it’s written,” John Mueller, Google Search Advocate, clarified via Twitter. “Embedded resources/content pulled in with IMG tags is not a part of the HTML file.”

What This Means For SEO

To ensure it is weighted by Googlebot, important content must now be included near the top of webpages. This means code must be structured in a way that puts the SEO-relevant information with the first 15 MB in an HTML or supported text-based file.

It also means images and videos should be compressed not be encoded directly into the HTML, whenever possible.

SEO best practices currently recommend keeping HTML pages to 100 KB or less, so many sites will be unaffected by this change. Page size can be checked with a variety of tools, including Google Page Speed Insights.

In theory, it may sound worrisome that you could potentially have content on a page that doesn’t get used for indexing. In practice, however, 15MB is a considerably large amount of HTML.

As Google states, resources such as images and videos are fetched separately. Based on Google’s wording, it sounds like this 15MB cutoff applies to HTML only.

It would be difficult to go over that limit with HTML unless you were publishing entire books’ worth of text on a single page.

Should you have pages that exceed 15MB of HTML it’s likely you have underlying issues that need to be fixed anyway.

Source: Google Search Central
Featured Image: SNEHIT PHOTO/Shutterstock

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Daily Search Forum Recap: June 24, 2022



Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

Google is experimenting with YouTube Shorts for SEO help content. Google is testing inserting keywords from queries in shopping ads. Google says keywords in domains are overrated and to ignore black hat traffic. Google said it is fine to link to WhatsApp numbers on your site. Plus my weekly SEO video recap is live.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Search News Buzz Video Recap: Google Search Ranking Updates, Google News Updated, SEO, Ads, Local & More

    This week, we had some interesting tremors and ranking shifts from an unconfirmed Juneteenth Google search ranking update that really spiked a day or so ago. Google News revamped its design…
  • Google: Ignore Black Hat Traffic, We Do.

    Google’s John Mueller said it is safe to ignore black hat traffic, he said it is just spam and there is no need to worry about it from an SEO perspective. He said on Twitter that black hat traffic is just spam and you should ignore it.

  • Google Tries YouTube Shorts For SEO Help Content

    Back in March, Gary Illyes and friends hinted that they may try creating short form video content for the Google help documents. Well, Google’s Alan Kent produced one of the first ones on the topic of why it is important to specify image dimensions.

  • Google Shopping Ads Tests Inserting Material In Ad Title From Query

    Google is testing a dynamic keyword insertion feature for Google Shopping Ads where it may insert the material in the product if used in the searcher’s query. I do not know if this is 100% new or not but it might be.

  • Google: Keywords In Domain Names Are Overrated

    Google’s John Mueller said once again that “keywords in domain names are overrated.” He and Googlers over time have said this numerous times over the years and he said it again. Instead he said “pick something for your business, pick something for the long term.”

  • Google: WhatsApp Phone Numbers On Your Site Is Not A Bad SEO Practice

    Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that it is not a bad SEO practice to link to your WhatsApp number on your site. This is despite what some SEO toolsets say, linking to a WhatsApp number, phone number or fax number is fine and Google does not judge your site differently based on the type of number you link to.

  • Aurora Morales Recording In A Google Studio

    Aurora Morales of Google has done a nice number of videos for Google, specifically on the publisher monetization front. She did a nice number of those while at home since COVID. She now said she is b

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